Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Little Protein

Zinfindels have been on the menu recently. A rediscovery.

We tend to go through wine phases. There was the Cabernet Phase, the Chardonnay Phase, the Chenin Blanc Phase, the Petit Sirah Phase, the Pinot Grigio Phase and the Pinot Noir Phase, to name a few.

There never has been nor ever will there be a Reisling Phase. Just saying. No offense to the Reisling Bros.

I'm usually pretty careful pouring the first glass out of a bottle to scoop out any bits of cork or "stuff" that might come out in that first pour, but if I get a piece of something floating around, it generally goes down the hatch quite happily.

Tonight, though, I ended up with a bit of something I didn't think went in the glass when I poured it, but sometimes I blink. As I chomped on it with my front teeth I tried to figure out if it was a piece of cork or a piece of dinner.

Didn't feel like cork. Not potato. Definitely didn't taste like chicken (which rules out NOTHING). Not springy like cork. More like a soggy potato chip, but I hadn't eaten one of those in a week. Some texture, slightly crunchy. Who knows?

A Mystery to be solved later, if at all.

Hmmm, I thought, just a figment. Or a fig newton! Ha, I crack me up.

Smiling, I turned and reached for my wine glass just in time to see another kamikaze fruit fly dive into the ruby surface and shortly thereafter float immobile on the surface.

Oh little fruit fly
How you dive into my glass
Mystery is solved