Saturday, February 21, 2015


There is something to be said for pork ribs smoked to  perfection.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Year Gone By

A year ago, I remember the day well, sad, unpromising and tinged with melancholy, I took stock of the past few years.   Reminded of the lyrics in the Toto song, "time passes quickly and chances are few," I concluded that changes were needed.  I had too many rooms each with their own elephant, the subject one tries mightily to ignore.  Either I had to get rid of the elephants or find some new rooms, so decided to explore.


I spent the next month or so evaluating the rooms and the elephants.  Who would I cross an ocean for who wouldn't step across a puddle for me?  Who did I expend tons of life force for who didn't expend an ounce for me?  Who did I care for who did not care for me?

Well, the balance sheet was clear.  I couldn't hide it any more.  I was heavy on one side and very, very light on the other.

What to do?

Continue to subsidize the situation or clear the land and move on?

I chose to move on.  I packed up my stuff, out out a For Sale sign and took that step down the road.

Of course, there was always the chance the former tenant would cry foul, What? Could this be?  But that never happened.

I moved on in silence.

Still in silence.