Monday, September 12, 2005

Mayday! Kitchen Down!

We're painting the kitchen. I use the term "we" loosely since I am not part of "we."

The "we" part of the equation are the fine folks of ABS Improvements who are actually doing the work that would take a century to ripen on my scale. Yea, ABS!

As I wrote before, ABS has all the things I don't have: tools, skill and experience. Actually, I have *some* of the tools but not nearly as many tools as ABS has. Yeah, those guys are way cool.

Knowing that the kitchen would be out of action and knowing that I had a Scout meeting and knowing that the chance of dinner was very, very remote, Larry and I had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.

I bought.

Yes, I know that Larry ate Maria's sandwich, the bastard, and I know what a glutton he is. I resemble that remark, too. However, Larry is such good company he's worth twice the price of lunch. Also, he speaks Spanish and when he orders at a Mexican restaurant it's pure poetry. I usually point and say I'll have that. Pointing. Larry, on the other hand, will make love to the waiter putting the emphasis on the right syllable.

I put the em-PHASIS on the wrong sy-LLABLE.

In short, the tacos al carbon were tender, well carboned, and tasty. Pico de gallo was fresh. All in all, a good meal.

After I paid for lunch Larry made a comment.

"La Hacienda does a great lunch, but you know, the best lunch I've had all month was the sandwich in your office.
Where did you get that?"

Slowly I turned...


MF said...

You make me chuckle out loud.
My children stare and point at me, "She's laughing at the box, again."

Flaurella said...

Just found your blog a few days ago and I am already a fan.


Anonymous said...

no, I think it's salud!

Bill said...

No, it's salad!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, reading about mexican food at 8:47am should really NOT make you hungry. But it does! I'm ready for that drink now. ;)

Susan said...