Monday, May 01, 2006

Blogethics Question

What kind of ill-mannered scoundrel would leave a derogatory comment on a blog using someone else's e-mail address and name as a cover?

Words that come to mind are unethical, cowardly, anti-social, small-minded, inconsiderate, selfish, base, shallow, insecure, uncreative, felonious...

Thanks to L for bringing this assault to my attention.


Bret said...

Deer Bill,

You're blog blows.


The Guy Who Has the "If you don't like my driving, dial 1-800-EAT-S***" Bumper Sticker on His 1974 El Camino

Anonymous said...

OOOOH! You're a "real" blogger now! You've been the victim of a drive by commenter.

Nice one!

Anonymous said...

This just happened to me, too. And by a person I used to work with. She googled me, found my blog and let it rip. I entertained her for a day and then blocked her IP address. Sicko. Good luck to you!