Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Weevil Be Gone

I set my coffee cup down to get a piece of toast out of the toaster and when I returned there was a weevil doing the backstroke in my Gold Coast Blend!

How rude!

I fished out the little bugger and noticed several of his brothers clinging to the cupboard door.

That's it, I thought! The weevils have taken over my cupboard and I'm not going to stand for it any more.

Of course, that called for more work than I anticipated, which is the usual case, isn't it?

I took everything out of the cupboard, threw away half the bottles of old vinegar, stale oils and other junk. I washed all the shelves and dried everything thoroughly. I even found half a bag of flour that had become the Weevil Ritz Hotel.

Looking back at my handiwork I wondered why I hadn't done it a year or two or three ago. Not ripe enogh, I expect. Not ripe enough.

Also, I gained about a third more space to store old vinegars, stale oils and other junk.

Woot for me!


Anonymous said...

OOh, Pretty! Come and do my house next.

Anonymous said...

This really need a Before and After pic...