Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Shining

Book signings are fun. I think I'll do them more often.

The fine people at Barnes and Noble made sure I was comfortable with a padded folding chair. Note "padded." I'm sure not everybody gets a "padded" chair. Some of the more rude customers suggested that a padded room might be more appropriate and I made a point to misspell their names when signing their books. Oopsie!

I provided chocolate treats as an enticement but refrained from hawking the book to get a free chocolate. I only made a few kids cry when I asked them for a credit card before I'd let them have a piece of chocolate.

Dove Dark, too. Nothing but the best.

One customer bought me a coffee and told me my hair looked nice. It's a real boost when your stylist shows up for a book signing. Memo to self: double tip for stylist.

Another customer came into the store and asked me if I worked there. Sure, I said, how can I help you? She was looking for a Father's Day gift and I said "Look no further, or is it farther. Your gift is here. Furthermore or farthermore I'll sign it at no additional charge. Sell it on eBay in a year and buy yourself a yacht."

She bought two. I guess she needs a couple of boats.

After the signing was over I managed to snag one of the posters. Kink settled himself on the poster and asked me how my day was.

"Well, it was interesting," I replied.

"How so," Kink inquired?

"Well, I met a lot of people who were interested in the book and many of them bought it for various reasons. In fact, one person laughed at the chapter titled "Conversations with a Cat" but became thoughtful as she read further. It's a thoughtful piece, you know."

Kink stretched out and yawned widely.

"Yeah, I was there when you wrote it and glad I could help."

"Don't mention it, my little friend." I scratched Kink's back. He closed his eyes, purring.


Tom said...

This marks the end of civilization as I knew it.

Bret said...

Civilisation is ending? (Note the proper spelling.) And I wasn't there? A pox on Dallas and our need to be there!

Surely there will be others? (And stop calling me Shirley...)

Anonymous said...

You look very 'authory' in your picture. It should be on a book jacket. oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

So behind on my blog reading...

Now that is a picture worth is the one of you in the bookstore.

What an accomplishment! Congratulations!