Saturday, July 25, 2009

Death of a Chefsman

It is with great and profound sadness that I report the death by cancer of my friend Bill Moran.

I knew that Bill had been ill for several years and travelled from his home in south Texas to Houston for treatment. We planned many lunch dates only to be broken by extended treatment schedules or other inconvenient circumstances and, in fact, we never met one-to-one.

Regardless, I considered Bill a friend, confident, mentor and collaborator for all things food-related. We traded recipes, gave tips on new restaurants and discussed several books we would write about southwestern cuisine.

Now, that's all gone like blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. Where there was light and laughter only smoke remains.

I don't know how long Bill's website, The Texas Chef will be up but it's worth a visit to read his recipes and get a sense of who the man was. He was passionate about that unique combination of Mexico and food and his love for flavorful, homestyle cooking will hopefully live on.

Happy trails, Bill, and pay attention when they say "the plate is hot."

Your friend forever,



Nicole said...

Hello Bill,

I just read your email and was deeply touched. I love the tribute to my dad on your blog. My Dad was a wonderful man that lived a rich and varied life, full of experiences most men will never get to experience. I loved him very much and you read my mind when you discussed me continuing his blog. I will contact you about that, OK. Of course, we (me and my step-family) are cooking a big feast for his memorial service tonight. I'm sure Dad is supervising from above.

Nicole Moran Furney

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am a friend of Nicole's. That was a very nice tribute to her Dad. Peace on you for sharing. Please know that the greatest gift he brought to the world was not only delicious salsa recipes, but the MOST AMAZING WOMAN to walk this little planet....NICOLE. Have you ever heard her acts as a mighty wind that blows away the stormiest of clouds. Once I was so very sad and she came over to my house. The next thing I knew every time I would mention a reason I was sad we would fall into fits of laughter. The next thing I knew she took me to a coffee shop and we colored on walls and for a time my woes were gone. I am so glad he brought her into this world. She is my salsa.
Hope Brown

Amy The Mom said...

Aww, Bill, that's a great post. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. I'm so grateful for the link to his site...what a treasure trove of recipes.

I just love the way you write. Thanks.