Friday, May 28, 2010


Whatever happened to just chilling out?

When did it become law that you had to be doing something all the time?

I’m not complaining, I’m just observing.

I’m observing that when I was at the PostNet shop sending off a package I didn’t have the zip code, so I looked it up on my iPhone.

There was a song playing on the radio in the store and I Shazam’d it and downloaded a copy to my iPhone.

While I was waiting for my ticket to be rung up I checked out the Huffington Post for the latest political drama.

And when I left the parking lot I checked the traffic to figure out if I should take a detour or just drive over summer school students stupid enough to be standing in the road.

Door Number B for failing calculus students for 500, Alex!

I should be sleeping but there’s a mud wrestling contest in the Ukraine to watch!


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