Monday, January 10, 2011

Imma Bad Person


I have bad thoughts.

Just today I watched a young lady pull her big, honking, planet killing SUV into a Handicapped slot just so she wouldn't have to walk another fifty feet to the supermarket. Oh, Miss Dainty Foot, is the bad old parking slot JUST OVER THERE too far for your widdle feetsies??

Come on, babe, I thought, let's see you limp. Bring on the limp!!

Well, she got out of her SUV, painfully slowly, and limped to the door.

This is where my Bad Person asserted himself.

I thought, YOU CALL THAT A LIMP? I've seen actors on TV limp better than that!

Imma Bad Person.

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Kelly - Dinnerware said...

Happy new year, and best of luck on a great 2011!