Monday, August 15, 2011

Scam Me Once

How many times can you get scammed in Paris? Well, how many times do you blink your eyes? How many steps can you take? Think of a number between 1000 and 100000000.

That many.

Seasoned travelers we are, we were nearly scammed in Paris but avoided any loss and learned, nearly, from the experience.

Having just arrived at Charles de Gualle and made our way to Gard du Nord we were momentarily confused in getting from the train station to the tube station. Fortunately (not) there was a "gentleman" to "help" us. By "help" our guide meant to purchase our tickets then suggest that we pay him back in cash and, surprise, a local ATM was within reach. Once we realized the scam we was on we played along and went to the ATM but kept on walking and down a nearby Metro entrance. Once underground we shed our coats, switched bags in case the moron was following us and purchased tickets to out destination.

Who knows what would have happened at the ATM? The word to the wary is that NOBODY is interested in helping you in Paris. Just say No.


Bob said...

Gawd. The metro station entrance is a 5 mile walk through the Gare du Nord to its very tip end. Or, at least it seemed like 5 miles. Especially after flying all night, toting and rolling all of our worldly possessions through the station like Hammurabi trekking through the Alps (minus the elephants) to then have to schlep them through the turnstiles into the metro and find seats in the morning rush hour. Welcome to Paris!

If you enjoyed Paris as much as we did then you had an awesome trip.

Greg Winters said...

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SS said...

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Attorney said...

Ugh! Can't go anywhere without encountering those "helpful" people!! That's why it's always good to have a New York City personal injury attorney around! Too bad they're not in Paris too!

Table Cover said...

That is really unfortunate. I hope you got it all sorted out. People just want to enjoy a nice vacation. - table cover