Sunday, October 05, 2014

Connections - October 5th

They come and they go.

October seems to be that transition month between the seasons, September being so fickle.  Go away, September, you're drunk!

October is serious stuff.  October doesn't hold back  October is the source of epic loves and epic losses, the harbinger of winter with her festivals, heralding the end of the year.  October means the leaves are going to burst into golden splendor.  October spells childhood's end and the maturing into a deep, fulfilling relationship against the coming cold, the finality of the year.

Epic loves have their roots in October.  Deep roots gripping the heart and entwining the soul; roots that don't simply disappear even if cut.  Epic loves are flames that aren't simply blow out but in face of  the approaching winter smolder and give warmth.  Epic loves are worth saving lest they be smothered by cold indifference and neglect.  October inspires.

It's a mistake to look upon October as superficial, given to whims or impulsive gestures.  October holds.  October doesn't forget.  October is always.

So, to my October-born friends and especially my faithful, devoted Kink the Cat, I reach out to you all in silent tribute, with love and understanding.  James Hetfield wrote, "Never cared for what they do, Never cared for what they know, But I know"  October knows.

One light that did go out on this day was a person I admired greatly for his strength of character, resilience in the face of adversity and for an intuition that can only be described as genius, and that is Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs.  Steve died on this day in 2011 and we'll have to learn to "Think Different" on our own, now.  A flame extinguished in October, let's hope it's the exception.

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