Sunday, November 04, 2018

State Fair

Fall was the time for State Fair.  The caravan of rides, exhibits and side shows came to town at the end of October every year.

Nothing like the State Fair as a kid.  The smells, lights, music, food, sights and sounds were overwhelming.

There were "kiddie" rides like the Carousel of Horses and "big kid" rides like the Tilt-a-Whirl and Double Ferris Wheel (which I NEVER went on!).

The Side Show was the best.  Snake Lady, Dog Man, Giant and others.  Each ticket cost a dime, ten-cents, but admission was well worth the cost.

I still have a ring I bought after seeing Andre the Giant (who was not the real Andre the Giant of wrestling fame) but his fingers were huge as was the ring, and I carried that ring around with me for years in Elementary School as a talisman.

Corn dogs.  A hot dog on a stick wrapped in corn meal batter and fried.  A true delicacy.  And only twenty-cents.  I could have eaten them all night.  The corn dog was not something that you could get other than at the State Fair.  I recall one visit where I jumped out of the car and ran directly to the corn dog stand.  My idea of heaven.

State fairs must be a kid thing.  True confession, I haven't been to one since I was in the sixth grade.  And, I still relish corn dogs.

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