Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lunch with Katie

I had lunch with Katie Couric today.

Well, sort of.

She was in New York and I was in Houston, but we coordinated things through space and time.

I hope her lunch was as good as mine.

Los Cucos has transformed its menu to a seafood theme and I must say successfully.

I had a Rollo Mariscos which is a piece of white fish wrapped around a seafood stuffing of shrimp, crab and scallops, baked and served with a white sauce with rice.

The Rollo wasn’t the only thing stuffed.

Katie and I both changed jobs today. Katie went to a new day job at a major news network, and I went to a new day job at the pool out back.

Yes, I have slipped my chains and am no longer working for the Man. It turns out that my Have Enough and Had Enough curves crossed, a bell rang, and it was time to go.

Poor Katie. She’ll be reading the news, aloud, and I’ll be reading the news on my laptop by the pool. Katie, baby, you checked the wrong box!

Tomorrow is June 1, and Day 1 for me. A new beginning. What can possibly happen? I had a dream that every day was Saturday. I woke up and it was.

Let’s go out and play!


Anonymous said...

Wow! COngratulations, and many happy hours at the pool.

Anonymous said...


So, are you saying you've officially retired?

If so, wow! Happy lounging, cocktails and fine dining! Who needs The Man, anyway?

Sandra said...

Congratulations and hope you are having a wonderful time lounging by the pool!

Shane said...

Congratulations, doc! I'm sure your life will be filled with epicurean delight, backpacking trips, and most important...BLOG FODDER!!

Bret said...

I'm now selling all my COP stock. The soul of the company has officially left the building.

Anonymous said...

*puts on bathing suit and grabs cooler*

see ya in five!

kilowatthour said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Bill!

Susan said...


Bill said...

So far, so good!