Thursday, October 12, 2006

Number One Hit

Twelve Two Two Fondue currently has the dubious honor of being the Number One Hit for the Google search of:

"buzzard recipes"

Ah, fame.


Dr. J said...

Were you there looking for new ones?

Raining Buckets said...

See, now HOW did you get that information? I'm dying to know how folks come across my site!

By the way, share the wealth man! Let's hear the recipe.

Tom said...

12-2-2 Fondue is also Google King in...

"Pyranha Fondue"
"Vicious dog-hating python"
"Mr. Tyson Chicken Driver"
"Mornin' Br'er Cat!"

and of course...

"Bathed in photons I poured myself a Gin & Tonic and rested"