Monday, December 03, 2007

Storm’s a-comin’

Here in Houston we get storms all the time. Well, that’s not exactly true. Mostly it’s very calm here. We can get storms at any time of the year which is more accurate.

Tonight a front is rolling through. We’ve had some wind, some rain and now it’s windy again.

There’s something different about winter wind than summer wind. Maybe it’s the dry leaves on the trees or maybe it’s just the way the wind comes in gusts. It’s definitely different from spring and summer winds.

Spring winds are steady and can be fierce and they can blow all day long.

Summer winds are more gentle and somewhat surprising and definitely welcomed. Ah, nothing like sitting under a live oak tree with a summer’s breeze cooling the air.

Back to tonight, the wind is coming in large gusts. Great exhales from the northwest starting off quietly and building to a great roar that suddenly loses intensity as if to say, “Sorry! Was that too loud?” The wind sounds cold but the outside temperature is 81!

Winter wannabe.

Years ago I lived in Indiana and there the winter storms would come through with gusto and purpose. Yep, no mistaking a winter storm. You’d get sleet, snow, sleet and snow and snow with sleet. Great stuff. Lots of it.

My most memorable weather experience in Indiana was in April. Spring had sprung and we had shed our winter clothes for the more traditional graduate student garb of t-shirts, shorts and sandals. I walked to lab that day dressed appropriately for April.

By 4 PM nearly six inches of snow had fallen. I remember the long walk home, barefoot except for my sandals, trying not to step in the deep snow, but unable to avoid it. At least I can tell the story of walking someplace in the snow barefoot (nearly). I was quite cold when I arrived back at my apartment and that was one of the few times I filled the tub with hot water to ensure my survival.

That’s not going to be a problem tonight. Already the wind is dying down and tomorrow will be another warm, sunny day here in Houston. Sorry, all you guys north of the snow line, but I’ll be wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt tomorrow.

After all, it’s only December!


Montana said...

Weather has been strange up here in Montana. Last week we had real winter. 2 degrees, 6 inches of snow, etc, etc. Today it was 56 degrees an raining. Last night it didn't even get below freezing.

Foo said...

My in-laws are coming to town for Christmas. Pop is highly allergic to our furry dependents, so we – he and I, at least – will be spending a lot of time out in the garage. The freshly reorganized, swept, and sponge-mopped garage.

This week has graced us with mild-to-warm temperatures perfect for garage-sitting-out-in, but as fate would have it the forecast for the week starting tomorrow (the day our guests are driving down) suggests that I may want to round up a space heater for my garage.