Tuesday, February 05, 2008


So, what is this "Buy My Book" picture doing in the sidebar. You going all commercial on us, or what?

Well, here's the story.

Once upon a time, many years ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

I was a blog reader well before I started my own blog, although to be perfectly accurate, I had started several blogs only to have them die a death of neglect.

Then I stumbled upon Dooce. I was inspired by Dooce's prose, her openness and her ability to express personal feelings and observations in a way that really resonated with me. I began to read Dooce every day. At some point I sent Dooce a fawning e-mail along the lines of "Wow, Dooce, I mean, just, wow!" but not that eloquent and immediately regretted hitting the Send key. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

A few days later I received a reply of appreciation from Dooce herself thanking me for my note of support. By this time Dooce had won a Bloggie Award and shot into the stratosphere of Blogdom.

But, over the years we kept in contact and became friends. Last year Dooce asked me to be one of the contributing authors to a book she was compiling on the subject of "fatherhood."

I was flattered and terrified, simultaneously, but couldn't say no. My piece was accepted into the anthology and I'm proud to display a link to Amazon where you, too, can enjoy not only Dooce's writing but that of the many talented contributors who worked on this project.

So, shameless promotion! Buy Dooce's book! It's going to be a best seller.


Bret said...

That is beyond cool, Bill, congratulations! I look forward to getting you to autograph my copy.

With your real name this time.

Dr. J said...

Congratulations! That's fantastic.

So, will you be shipping autographed copies?

Anonymous said...

I'm a dooce reader too. That may be where I learned about your blog originally. I have the book on my Amazon wish list and will definitely be ordering it.

Blogs are addictive. Work time does get frittered away reading a few daily or at least weekly. My favorites list has grown to include dooce, yours, dailycoyote and one by a lady with an old farmhouse in WV.

Anonymous said...

I'll bring the book and the pen to lunch!

Former Novice Alaskan said...

Congrats and autographs for all!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am le jealous.

Anonymous said...

dooce is uh...