Monday, August 04, 2008

Devil’s Hot Tub - Closed for Repairs

How embarrassing. We traveled all the way from the Devil’s Top Hat to the Devil’s Hot Tub only to find the hot tub was closed for repairs.

The Devil’s Hot Tub is actually a series of hot spring pools connected together, bubbling of sulfur and surrounded by distressed vegetation.

It was difficult to see what actually needed repair. More distressed plants? More sulfurous bubbles? Hotter springs?

Unfortunately, the springs were fenced off and festooned by warning signs about “unstable terrain” and “scalding water” which was interesting seeing as the attraction was a


I was hoping the Devil’s Hot Tub would have some demon babes in skimpy, dare I say it, devilish outfits excited and squealing at my arrival. (As opposed to depressed and screaming. Been there, done that.)

Tomorrow we’re heading south for the Devil’s Wet T-shirt Contest. I’ll bring my own spray bottle in case they run out of water.


Shane said...

spraying hot demon babes with water -- should be steamy

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't get to see that much at Yosemite when we visited a few years ago. It was almost a drive-by visit... you know drive through and wave so you can say that you've been there. We did get out of the Escape, at least I did. But didn't get to see any Devil anything. Next time! HAVE FUN!!! PS. Congratulations to your daughter! Looking forward to photos.