Saturday, August 02, 2008


Just a quickie.

I'm out here in California outside of Yosemite National Park following the wedding of my eldest daughter, Sarah, the rocket scientist, which went well.

More and pictures later.

Meanwhile, it's catch as catch can getting Internet access, and right now I'm sitting outside of a condo leeching off of a connection named "linksys." Oh, linksys! Who knew!


Anonymous said...

You mean you don't have an iPhone 3G yet?

For shame, Bill, for shame.

Foo said...

Thank heaven there's usually at least one naif in each neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I just went to a rocket scientist's wedding too! I was at the table with all her rocket scientist colleagues. "So what do you do?" "I plan future space missions to Mars! And what do you do?" "I send faxes."

Good times!!

Anonymous said...

Thank heaven for those unsecured linksys links. I was in an upscale hotel in San Antonio last weekend and the internet was $11.00 per day. Luckily there was a cheaper alternative available called Public Net or something like that for $12 per week. I signed up for a week since we would be there for 4 days. It was worth having to open our curtains wide at night to let the wifi in.

K said...

Heh, welcome to the nations largest free wireless network! :-)

Bill said...

Actually, until I found the unsecured "linksys" network I relied on my

iPhone 3G


16 G, black

v. cool.