Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike’s Café

They say a hurricane’s coming. It’s in the news. Big white cinnamon roll floating in the Gulf.

Today, all was clam.

Clear skies, no wind, calm and peaceful. The clam before the chowder, so they say.

And speaking of clam chowder we have been advised to stock up on food and water in case society degenerates into Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in the next five days.

So, to address that little issue I put together a plan. I call it “Plan B” because my experience tells me that “Plan A” never works and that we always have to invoke “Plan B.” Why not start off with the correct plan in the first place. I always say that.

In honor of Hurricane Ike I’ve decided to rename Chez Guillaume. Until the “crisis” is over we will be known as Ike’s Café and here is the menu based on our current supplies.

Friday Breakfast

Eggs Benedict, Center cut Bacon, Sausage Links, Hash Browned Potatoes, Fruit Compote, Fresh squeezed Orange Juice, Fresh brewed Coffee (Sumatra)

Friday Lunch

Spinach salad with Smoked Salmon and goat Cheese, Farm House bread, Asian Stir Fry, Sushi Platter, Pinot Noir

Friday Dinner

Hickory smoked Pork Ribs, Cheese risotto, Grilled zucchini, Chocolate Soufflé, Cabernet Sauvignon (2003)

Saturday Breakfast

Farm house French Toast, left over Smoked Salmon, instant Coffee

Saturday Lunch

Hurricanes (ha ha), Farm house Bread spinach Sandwich, Tater Tots, Can of creamed corn

Saturday Dinner

(Assuming we have power)

Left over Pork Ribs, macaroni and cheese, can of onion bits, anchovies, bottled water

Sunday breakfast

Remaining egg, boiled and split. Salt and pepper. Ice cubes.

Sunday lunch

Skipped due to fasting for random religious holiday.

Sunday dinner

Pumpkin Pie filling, Garlic powder

Monday breakfast

Cat chow with pool water, ketchup

Monday lunch

Continuation of random religious fasting.

Monday dinner

(to be announced)

You know, I pity those poor people who go into these situations unprepared. Really, it's sad.


Anonymous said...

You think you'll have icecubes with your pool water and cat chow?

Is your freezer off the grid powered?

Tom said...

We just bought tickets for Sunday night's dinner! Mmmmmmm

Beth said...

Loved this, Bill.

Bob said...

is there a plan 'C'?

Former Novice Alaskan said...

You forgot to fill your propane tank for the grill didn't you!

The Mariam said...

a good cat chow hits just the right spot sometimes!

RANGER said...

You missed the Vienna Sausage and Chunky Soup. Just prior to the cat food, I would think . . .

Anonymous said...

We have lived in Florida for over 8 years and have seen probably 9 hurricanes. My hurricane supplies consist of candles, batteries, water and battery operated games. Food is the easiest to come by, but boredom will kill you. We also have a converter we can plug into the car and run most things that plug in, so if we have to we can nuke stuff. Ice is not really needed as it will be supplied by the truckful if you are hit too badly. Sadly, if you lose power and need to cool off, Walmart is usually up and running as soon as the hospitals.