Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sorry, Baby.

Sorry, Baby, but, you know, all good things ...

Last forever?

*sighs* Not quite.


Those late nights. Me watching the door. You didn't pick up on that?

I thought you were preoccupied. Busy. Focused. I didn't think it was about me ...

No, sweetie, it was never about you. You've been strong and I love you so much, but ...

There should never be a "but" after that.

Yes, well, Time marches on and, well, this is good-bye. I'm moving on.

With her?


Please, not that I'm begging, but out of curiosity, why?

Totally gratuitous. Slimmer. Faster. More colorful. Oh, and you know that little clasp? It's gone.

I could tape my clasp down.

You're grasping.

You used to grasp ...

OK, I think this conversation is over. I've made up my mind. I'm moving on. You should, too.

Easy for you to say, but where will I go?

How about with the Boy?

The Boy? But, he's just ...

Just what? Tall? Tanned? Ripped? Young? Am I missing something?

Do you think the Boy would like me?

Baby, get ready to have your keys pounded, your video overheated and your memory blown out!

I'll see you from time to time?

Yeah, we'll network. You can count on that. Now, scoot, before I change my mind!

Look, there's the Boy now! Ciao! Oh, Boy ... Boy! Want to play a game?


Helena said...

Tch. You're just a User.

panders said...

Which model are you going to get this time? I'm about ready to do the same.

(I had to explain what you were talking about to my wife.) ;)