Friday, August 27, 2010

Game Over

"Hey, whatcha doin?"

"I'm playing this new pinball game on the iPad. Just like the real thing, except I can't tilt it."

"What's tilt mean?"

"Well, that's when you bump it ... hey, get out of the way ... I can't see the ball!!!"

"Tilt like what? Like when I purrrr?"

"Kink! I can't see what I'm doing! Move your butt!"

"Ohhhh, look at the little ball go! Hey, I can get it, really I can! Watch this ..."

"No, Kink, not now! We can chase the mouse toy later. I'm about to beat my high score!"

"What's a high score? Ohhhh, look at the ball go! I can get it, really I can ... Watch this ..."

"Kink! Uh, never mind. Game Over."

"What's Game Over?"

"Nap time."

"I like this game! Chase the ball, Game Over and Nap Time. We'll take a cat nap and play again, OK?"

"You're on, Kink, you're on."

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