Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ta-chich! Ta-chich!

That's the sound mockingbirds make when there's a predator around.

I'm always looking for signs of predators after that incident in Antarctica, but that's another story.

This time I was grillin' ribs on the BBQ when I heard "ta-chich! ta-chich" which is mockingbird for "cat."

I looked around but no cat. So I called ...

"Kink! Old buddy, Kink! Where are you?" And soon enough a pair of Kink-ears appeared behind the fence.

"Ah, Kink-O, you old mockingbird hunter, they're up there!" I pointed to the live oak tree but Kink wasn't interested seeing as how his cover had been blown. Besides, the aroma of the cooking ribs got his full attention. He ambled towards the back door and meowed to be let in.

I opened the door and he headed right to the kitchen table, found a spot right in the middle and proceeded to groom his hindquarters, as they say in polite company.

Ribs in 10 good buddy, I said!

Kink flicked his tail in response.

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