Friday, April 08, 2005


The best piece of advice I ever got was in London. There at my feet, written in the street in big white letters were the words "Look Right."

Huh, I thought? Look right? Why?

Nevertheless, I looked right just as the biggest, reddest, meanest and biggest - yes, it deserves two biggests - bus thundered by inches from my nose. I remember how close it was because I could count the rivets on the side. In the microseconds before my life flashed before my eyes was the thought "hit by a bus."

Of course, I nonchalantly turned around and yawned as if to say "Yeah, I saw the bus. They come from the right, you know." To this day I look to the right, which, actually, is a bit of a hazard now that I live in Houston, not London.

Thus brings me to the meat of tonight's posting: bar-b-que sauce. (You know, there's just no way to segue between a bus and bar-b-que sauce, but if you have an idea send me an email.) Anyway, free advice and bar-b-que sauce.

KC Girl writes that KC Masterpiece as promoted by Bobby Flay, or Bobby InFlayted as I like to say, is manufactured to distract people from the Real Bar-B-Que sauce sold here at Arthur Bryants BBQ. Since KC Girl wrote with such clarity of purpose and single minded conviction, I'm going to take her advice at face value. Tonight I ordered a 3-pack of sauce and I'll report on the results next weekend. The AB website, by the way, is very straightforward, easy to navigate and had a one-screen order entry form. I like that. In and out, no muss, no fuss and an email confirmation seconds later. Class act. I can smell it cooking already.

Chicken Out

I'm not much of a fried chicken cooker even though I was raised in the South. As a kid we had fried chicken a lot. I always knew we were having fried chicken because when I got home from school and opened the front door all this grey smoke would pour out. Not thinking that the house could be on fire I would shout "Yippee, fried chicken!"

I did that once during a fire drill at work and to my great surprise nobody appreciated it. Philistines.

I read a fried chicken recipe I've always wanted to try out, but it requires a vat of hot (temperature wise) bar-b-que sauce. Basically, you take your chicken pieces, dunk them in the bbq sauce, dredge with flour (or maybe the other way around. whatever), coat with seasoned crumbs or batter - chef's choice and deep fry. When the chicken is cooked the hot, fried pieces are immediately dunked into the vat o' bbq sauce and served immediately. Sort of a Twice Sauced Chicken. It sounds like a really messy dish that would go great at a Toga Party where everybody is covered in sheets...or not.

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kilowatthour said...

mmm barbecue sauce. have you been to that one place at the galleria that sells all the different sauces? my favorite, encountered here in nyc, is "scorned woman." wow. hell hath no fury, indeed.