Tuesday, April 05, 2005


First, a contribution from Becky inspired, and I'm being very generous with myself here, by a posting about wasabe peas:

Becky said...

How about a wasabe haiku?

Cool hand, spicy tongue
Wasabe peas feed my soul
With the fire of life

...Thanks, Becky!

Now, Dooced.

The traditional definition of the verb "Dooce" has to do with an unfortunate confluence of blogging about one's job and retaining one's job. Enough said there. If by some miracle you're at this site not through Dooce then check out the best blog ever.

For the rest of you Dooce Fans I'd like to propose a second definition:

"Dooced - to have the hit count on one's blog jump from 20 to 6,000 hits per day from a single mention by Dooce."

I tell you Dooce has some powerful magic going on.

In addition to this great rush of hits I've received a whole bunch of really nice emails from people who have had experience buying, or trying to buy, the Weird Thing at Kroger's.

Thank you all.


Kate said...

Nice blog! Its a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Dooce has some powerful Juju going on, that's for sure. Love her.

Sasha@Pw said...

Wow...20 to 6,000! Nice!

Anonymous said...

WOW. You posted my haiku. Thats fantastic! I feel so honored. I love your blog (thanks to Dooce). I particularly liked the entry about the "buffalos".

Scott in Washington said...


I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be to have your blog linked to by a "super blogger" like Heather (the Heather, like the Demi). I followed the link from her site to yours and thought the post about how to choose the right checkout line was pretty funny. I'm fairly challenged in that dept. myself. I more particularly enjoyed reading some of your other posts, like the one about camping in the desert with the scouts and getting almost swept away (been there) or the one where you described being caught up in the herd of UPS trucks headed home (can only imagine). Anyway, thanks for maintaining a fun to read, quite existential blog.