Thursday, April 14, 2005

Give Me a Break

Here in Seattle the natives were out in force because the sun came out. As a visitor to this fair city on the Pacific I couldn't understand what was the big deal until it was explained to me that the city could go for months without a ray of sunlight. Being from Texas where sunlight is manufactured I thought this might be a niche industry I could take advantage of.

However, today was sunny. The coffee was just as good as yesterday.

I took full credit for both.

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Andrew Purvis said...

Hah! They fooled you! As a native of Seattle, I know the plan. See, back in the mid-80s, Seattle was named "most livable city," and the Californians invaded. That's when we (I lived up there at the time) collectively decided to play up the rain thing. It slowed down the immigration.