Sunday, May 29, 2005


Right out of high school a friend of mine and I went on An Adventure. With a little bit of planning we set off in a car to circumnavigate the United States.

The short story is that we made it from Phoenix, heading east, all the way around to Seattle where we ran out of time and money. My friend drove home to Minnesota and I flew home to Phoenix, my first ride on a jet.

I'm sure you're riveted by this narrative.

The Adventure was without peril and we had a great time exploring, camping, meeting people and being on our own.

So, it is with out trepidation that when my daughter the Rocket Scientist announced that she had been selected as a counsellor at Space Camp Izmir, I said

"Izmar. Is that just west of Kansas City?"

Izmar, Turkey. The Great Adventure.

We'll be following the exploits of the two Space Camp counsellors, Sarah and Tom, as they boldly go where no Kansan as gone before. Follow the exploits at SpaceCampTurkey.

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