Saturday, June 11, 2005

Angelina Jolie and Some Guy

Today we saw the "Mrs. Smith and Whatzis Name" film staring Angelina Jolie. I think I've locked in my nomination for Best Actress, 2005, already! Angelina was fantastic. She can pout, shoot, drive, slide down a wire, cook, pout, throw knives, pout and look serious. Seriously, she is totally believable looking serious. Must be method acting.

The plot is about a super cool spy, Angelina, who's married to some loser and I can't remember what he does for a living, other than living in the shadow of his wife. Hey, maybe that was the plot line! He's a jealous loser trying to foster some artificial respect. Whatever.

Anyway, Angelina is tired of this loser guy and decides to cash in on the pre-nup agreement by running him off. She arranges this garden party, but loser husband burns down the house trying to light the bar-b-que pit and it's like a double win because Angelina makes off with the pre-nup money, and the house insurance! Angelina is so cool and smart to boot. When all this happens she fakes a pout, but she's really being serious. I nearly cried.

I don't remember what happened to the husband. I think he had a couple of cameo appearances later in the film.

So, the rest of the film showcases Angelina's fantastic driving ability, highlights her gourmet cooking style, and follows her through a day as CEO of her company. Very impressive if you ask me. They should have titled the film "Angelina Jolie" or maybe the jazzier "AJ."

I'm looking forward to the next Angelina Jolie film, and, hopefully, it won't be with whatzisname.

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Oh, Bill...

Why can't you be president of the United States of American rather than that monkey who is currently running the circus?