Friday, June 10, 2005

Pour Genius

Today was a Starbucks day. I slapped the snooze button until it started slapping itself to prevent getting hit. I had intended to take the day off, but at the last minute decided to do a half-day in the morning. Thus, I was trapped in the Twilight Zone between needing to take a day off and needing to go to work. At last I hauled myself out of bed.

Late as it was by now I decided to forgo breakfast and pick up a brew at Starbucks on the way. Fortunately, I was half asleep making that decision.

I stumbled into the Starbucks realizing that I couldn't remember if I had driven or not, but, of course, I had...I think. The Old Hand was at the counter.

"Grande, coffee of the day, room for cream," he said and proceeded to pour a cup.

I was silent.

"Kroger's card, sir? Ah, this is your lucky day! Free cup!" He handed the hot grande to my outstreatched claw.


"Oh, by the way, there's a wreck on the Beltway at the toll booth. I'd take Highway 6 to Westheimer and cut across to Dairy Ashford. That will avoid the sinkhole that formed on Eldridge last night."

"Thanks," I muttered and strode off into the dawn.

Much later at work I overheard a conversation:

"Man, did you see that mess on the Beltway? It took me 90 minutes to get in."

"Oh, yeah, that's nothing. I was cruising up Eldridge and suddenly we all stopped. Turns out a big old sinkhole formed in the night and we were stuck there in Gridlock for two hours!"

Meanwhile, I got my work done early and decided to call it a day at 10. OK, that's a little early to call it a day.



Bente said...

Cripes, talk about lucky.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, I love The Old Hand. It's nice to have somebody on your side.