Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thanks, Al

Thank you, Al Gore, for inventing the Internet.

Specifically, thank you for on-line flower companies.

I received the following email the other day:

"Hello Flowers Customer! Your wedding anniversary is within 24 hours and we can save your life for $49.95!"

Well, wasn't that nice?

I clicked on the Happy Flowers Icon and was zapped to the Flowers site.

"How much trouble are you in? Low Medium High

I clicked Medium.

"How many anniversaries have you forgotten? Low Medium High

I hesitated, searched my soul, and clicked Medium.

"How much do you value your wife?" Low Medium High

I paused. Hmmm, what if she gets a report? Then what?

I clicked High.

The website thought about my answers for a few seconds and spit out the following:

"Congratulations, Considerate Spouse! You have selected the Vast Array of Forgiveness (vase extra). Click Accept to continue."

I looked at the text. I looked at the price. I think my heart skipped a few beats.

Of course, I clicked Accept.

Much later...

...the phone rang.

"Yello!?" ( I like the Simpson's touch )

"Hey, honey, you'll never guess what arrived by special delivery just now."

"Uh, a pink platypus in a tutu?"

"No, silly! You know!! The most gorgeous bunch of flowers. And the guys in the trucks are still bringing them in.

Guys? Trucks? Geeze Louize that price must have been in Euros!

"Honey, y'a still there? Well, this puts us Even Steven. I forgive all your previous transgressions. Even the time you swore you didn't put hot sauce on the ribs and it dissolved my front tooth."

Yikes, I thought, I hit the jackpot! Thank you Flowers online. I owe you big time!

(Yes you do, Bud, yes you do, indeed!)


Scott in Washington said...

This year I forgot my wife's birthday. Actually I forgot the exact date. I got the day write but gave her gifts, flowers, and a card in February instead of April. Somehow she foregave me and even graciously accepted another set of gifts two months later.

Andrew Purvis said...

I am lucky. I keep confusing the day my wife and I met with the day we married. Thankfully, the latter was based on the former, and I am never far off (and always consistently).

As for her birthday? How much does it take to remember that she does accounting and was born one monnth and one day after tax day one year after I was born?

Anonymous said...

My husband remembers our anniversary... I tend to forget!