Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sonoma Storm

Williams-Sonoma is desperate. They want me to buy something. Anything. This week I’ve received a Williams-Sonoma catalog




It’s Thursday and I have four different catalogs.

What’s with those guys? One catalog would be just fine. Each catalog has basically the same stuff: tableware, kitchenware, cleaningware and werewolfware.

I laid the catalogs out on my kitchen table, appropriately, and went through them page by page. OK, I had a lot of time last night. Indulge me.

The only thing that differed was food. Each catalog offered a bunch of food: cakes, pastries, meats, cheeses and all sorts of stuff. That stuff was different, to some degree, in each catalog.

But, the stuff I was interested in, knives, bowls, knives and knives were the same in each one. I checked the prices, too, and no discounts.

Where’s the Christmas Spirit?

Tomorrow I expect to receive my post-Halloween pre-Thanksgiving Williams-Sonoma catalog extraordinaire with no discounts on knives but plenty of food I don’t want.

Actually, it’s plenty of food I do want but don’t need. Of course, I don’t need another knife, either, but that’s another story!


Anonymous said...

yes, but do you have the sweet "husky" box knife from Home Depot? it comes in pink, purple, red and blue. did i mention it's sweet? yes, i'm a lady, and I like my husky box knife. i wear it on my belt right next to my stanley 16 ft tape measure. lol
just kidding about wearing them, but i do own them, and use them often. those darn box knives, they come in handy for all sorts of things.

Anonymous said...

Your Williams-Sonoma is my Pottery Barn.

I love you, but Make. It. Stop.