Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Twelve Two Two Fondue II

It’s a party!

You’re all invited!

Yes, everyone. All of you. Even you who are reading this now.

Here’s the blueprint.

Fondue Party
Twelve Two Two Fondue II
December 22, 2005
7pm local time
At Your House

Send me pictures and descriptions of your party as it’s happening and I’ll post them on the site throughout the day. Here’s the address:


I hope to spark a Global Party in Celebration of Fondue, Friends, Family and Fun.

Check out the original entry for this blog on December 20, 2004, A Fondue Happening.

Woo Hoo! Par-TAY!

The P is for party, and the A is for all night! (clap clap)
The R is for rhythm, and the T is for tonight! (clap clap)
The Y is for you, and you know what to do so let’s
PAAAAAAAAAAARTY! (don’t let your momma know)
PAAAAAAAAAAARTY! (cause she won’t let you go)
PAAAAAAAAAAARTY! (all right all right all right!)


Anonymous said...

OOH! I just hurt myself dancin'! We just may have to jump on the 12/22 bandwagon, my friend!

s'kat said...

Dude, I am so there.