Wednesday, November 02, 2005

King for a Day

I got crowned today.


Believe me, it was not my idea. In fact, I have been putting off getting my aged back teeth crowned for eight years.

Finally, my dentist said:

“Well, you’ve lost a filling and that old tooth is about half filling and we can’t replace it because it would be a Super Fund site. All that Mercury. You need a new tooth.”

Prior to my current dentist, my previous dentist wanted to crown all my teeth, twice. Every year. I didn’t buy it, literally.

But, with bits dropping out it was time to bite the bullet, fix the bite and move on down the road to Crownsville.

To be honest, I was worried about two things. First, the ripping out, shaping, grinding, drilling and chipping away at my very own, home-grown tooth. And, second, I was worried about the “fit” because I have all these crowned cow-orkers who complain around the coffee pot about their bad-fitting crowns.

Next to bad soccer referees, bad fitting crowns is the Number Two topic of conversation at work.

To cut a long story short, the crowning experience wasn’t that bad. My dentist apparently paid attention in class, unlike yours truly, and did a fantastic job of removing the old tooth and replacing it with a new tooth.

Feels good as new.

My dentist is an artist. He fixed something that was going to cause me some pain and I’m good to go for years.

So I said, Doc, I’ve got this employee of mine who’s been giving me a hard time. Do you think…


Anonymous said...

well it's good to know you were king for a day.

may you have many more happy experiences in the land of royalty.

did they use that cool little camera in your mouth so you can see on the tv screen how your teeth really look? I loved that thing, yet at the same time I hated it. Because my teeth were uuuuuuuglllly. Almost everyone had a mercury filling in it, most of the teeth were mercury. no wonder I'm so crazy. i've been poisened. I've gotten almost all of the mercury fillings replaced with porcelan. It looks good, but it was miserable, miserable. And I had to hold my mouth open so long my jaw was locked. On the second visit, i sort of mentioned how uncomfortable it all was, what with drilling out the old filling and replacing it, and the assistant said, 'didn't they offer you nitrous?". NO THEY DIDN'T. SADISTS the LOT OF THEM. you can be sure THAT won't happen again.

schmims said...

If you ever think the dentist is painful, read "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey. The dentist chapter will make you want to never go back.

Anonymous said...

The tooth, was it blue?