Monday, March 06, 2006

Addiction - Part Deux

Amy: So, what can I put you down for?

Me: Four?


Four. Monty Python. Never mind. How about four?

Four boxes? You are so cheap!

I meant cases, Dale Carnegie, but if you insist, four boxes.

You're going to break a little girl's heart because you chose today to go cold-ass turkey, or toll-house cookie, as the case may be.

There you go with the case, again. OK, put me down for a case.


Uh, I think my pen's going to run out of ink in three seconds, two, one...

OK, OK! One double case. You're locked in.

What's a "double case?"

What you just bought. You won the auction! Such a lucky person.

How many cases are in a double case? No, no, wait...let me guess.

I'm confident you'll guess first time.


See? All your Monty Python watching finally paid off.

This is going to be hard to explain.

Don't worry. Everybody loves Thin Mints.


Anonymous said...

They're only WAHfah theeen!


Foo said...

Bedder gedda bucket.

Anonymous said...

I blame my middle school "weight issues" entirely on the evils of Thin Mint cookies.

- a former Girl Scout

Raining Buckets said...

I won't be satisfied until I can order Tag.A.Longs on the internet. I never carry cash into the grocery store ... those little Girl Scouts should have a credit card machine or something.

Shalee said...

I can't tell the girls "no". They look so hopeful and happy, it is really just so much easier to take out the second mortgage to buy a double case...

Plus, there are Thin Mints to last throughout the month of May. (That's if the kids don't find them first.)

schmims said...

Samoas is where it's at!

Turtle said...

Oh...I'm convinced they put crack cocaine in those things. Damned things are most definitely an addiction. *sigh* I'm screwed.

Anonymous said...

I use to always eat Thin Mints until I went on a pseudo-diet, and now I eat Cafe cookies which are the newest girl scount cookie for health conscience people. I wonder if I am really suppose to eat the whole box every time I open one.