Sunday, March 26, 2006

Write Right

Ironically, I’m reading Stephen King’s “On Writing.” I should say “reading” because what I actually do is pick up the book, read a few pages and then let it sit on a shelf for a few weeks. At this rate I should be able to finish it during the winter of 2031.

Asked if he wrote every day Stephen observed that when he was writing he wrote every day, and when he wasn’t writing he didn’t write at all. It’s not work, he said, it’s where he goes to play. Not writing is work.

I puzzled over that for a while, realizing that I have been in the “off” position for a week or so, and concluded not to fret about it.

Tonight it’s back to Austin for a day or so and another dinner at the Iron Cactus. I envy myself.


Bret said...

When you get back, try using the verb "gobbet." It always seems to work for Steve.

Which of course reminds me of the episode of "Mary Tyler Moore" when Walter Cronkite, playing himself, pays a visit to the fictional newsroom and Ted Baxter, the lovably airheaded anchorman, pulls him aside to "talk shop." Baxter asks Uncle Walt, "So, what words are really hard for *you* to pronounce?"

30 years later, I'm guessing "kpoloj" would be among them.

Foo said...

Conversely, "ssppo" is really pretty easy to pronounce after several shots of tequila—but not without drooling all over your shirt.

Over the past couple months, my own blog posting has been more miss than hit. I explained to both of my readers that when I'm into some heavy development I'm still thinking creatively, but not about things that are blogworthy. Very few people find listings of PHP routines chuckleworthy.

I guess the point to this, Bill, is that King—despite his maniacal good looks—is on to something truly wise here. When you're inspired to write, write; when you're not, don't force it.

The Queen Mama said...

I love, love, love that book. Haven't read it in a few years. May have to dig it out for a rebrowse. Thanks for the reminder.

I've been less than prolific lately, too. Sometimes I consider worrying about it, then I think "meh." Life gives us other things to worry about, right?