Sunday, August 13, 2006

Twelve Two Two Fondue and Foo

Foo of Random Synaptic Misfire took time out of his busy schedule training for the 2007 Tour de France to quaff a few pints at the Two Rows.

Foo commented, "Wouldn't it be weird if..."

Yes, it would.


Bret said...

Nice retirement haircut, soldier!

Foo said...

After buying me Guinness, you're lucky I didn't just keep following you around.

Thanks for the chance to meet and hang out with you and your charming daughter (I hope she wasn't utterly bored). My wife was a bit jealous when she found out that she'd missed out on meeting Zoe's ghostwriter, so if you guys are in the area again, I should have no trouble convincing her to attend.

WV: "fgfnjb". Yeah, that sounds about right for a Monday morning back at work.