Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who's Sorry Now?

Take that, Tyson Foods!

See the picture? What's it say? Pilgrim's Pride! Yeah! Two for one, too.

So, you're bottom line's going down, Tyson.

One may observe, whoa, dude chill, it's only chicken. Not quite. It's all the Tyson chicken truck and the Tyson chicken truck driver who played a game of chicken on I-10 this morning. He could have just kept his speed, you know, just kept his speed. Boogie along at 65 with that 18-wheeler full of chicken parts and he could have just kept his speed and everybody would have been happy.

But, no, Mr. Tyson Chicken Driver had to speed up, then slow down and basically block us all off the entrance ramp. Three of us trying to merge onto I-10 had to merge OFF of I-10 because Mr. Tyson Chicken Driver wanted to have some fun.

How's my driving?

Chicken S**T! (family blog)

Thank you, Mr. Tyson Chicken Driver, for making my meal choice easy tonight.

Pilgrim's Pride chicken, raised by Pilgrim's the founders of our great country. Lovely, well-groomed birds and well-mannered, too. Why, I'd be proud if my daughter came home with a Pilgrim's Pride chicken boyfriend, they're that good. Pilgrim's Pride, nice birds, courteous drivers; they'd never think to run you off the road. Nope, they just want you to have a special dining experience and so good for you, too. Not only are Pilgrim's Pride birds lean and nutritious, but their drivers won't raise your blood pressure by trying to squeeze you into a crash barrier.

Pilgrim's Pride. A considerate chicken.


Shalee said...

That is one way to put your money where your mouth is (and your heart back where it belongs after that ordeal!)

Shane said...

You show'em Doc!!

les said...

Sorry, it has to be a fake. Pilgirms would never sell breasts.