Monday, June 25, 2007

Father's Day

The sound of a plastic bowl of water being spilled on a tile floor is quite distinctive.

The bowl is on the floor to begin with and there is not the anticipated crashing, bouncing noise, rather there is a subtle clinky-boinky noise that is identical to the noise made by a paw stepping on a plastic bowl of water and dumping the contents on the floor.

Try the experiment yourself! Fill a plastic bowl with water and set it on the countertop in your kitchen. Then, sweep the bowl onto the floor and observe the noise and mess.

Experiment 2 is to take the same plastic bowl full of water, place it on the floor, and step on the lip of the bowl with your toe and observe the resulting sound and mess.

Whereas the mess is about the same, the sound is totally different.

Back to the story.

After hearing the bowl of water spill over the floor, I didn’t need Kink to jump on my newspaper with wet paws to apologize.

Really, I didn’t.

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