Saturday, June 16, 2007

Porky Thing

We have some ground pork in the fridge that needs something doing to it.

That was all the instruction I got.

Ground pork. Something.

OK, so I looked at my staples and found the following: eggplant, onions, garlic, tomato sauce, rice and other stuff. Thanks to the other stuff I figured I could pull off this challenge.

The first thing to do was to fry up the ground pork with some onions, garlic and a rasher of bacon, (chopped). While that was cooking I trimmed off the leafy side of the eggplant, sliced it in half lengthwise and scooped out the middle. Thinking about throwing away the eggplant center stuff, I changed my mind and dumped it in with the frying ground pork and onions.

I scooped out enough eggplant to create a couple of eggplant bowls about a half an inch thick.

As the pork stuff cooked I found a box of Pomi Strained Tomatoes and dumped that in. Then I added some cinnamon, nutmeg and a generous dose of Tabasco Sauce - Smoked Chipotle. I dumped in a cup of water, a cup of rice, stirred to mix and covered the pan for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, I heated the oven to 350.

When the oven beeped, I ladeled out some of the pork mixture and partially cooked rice into the eggplant shells, topped them with a couple of slices of tomato and grated some Mexican farm cheese on top. Returned to the oven to bake for 20 minutes or so.

So, when I was done I had a stuffed eggplant, plus a pork rice tomato sauce side dish.

Good eats were had by all!

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