Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Sin of Zin

What is it with Zinfandel wines??

Back in the day the zins used to be the Wine of the Day, not something special.

Over time the zins got supplanted by the cabernet sauvignon and in turn by the pinot noirs, but the zins always hovered in the background as the wine to have if you wanted something more robust than a pinot but less heavy than a cab sav.

Zinfandels used to be labeled as Beringer Zinfandel, Simi Zinfandel, Mirassou Zinfandel and so forth.

Not any more.

Check out these labels:

I'm not sure what to think about these labels but the wines sure are good!

I especially like Flock by Smoking Loon which is quite different from other wines under that label. It has a rich, smooth, old taste with a nice finish and not much after-finish. That is, it goes down smoothly and doesn't kick you in the ass as a reminder.

Nice touch.

I approve this message.

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