Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tamagoyaki, I go yummy!

Years ago I bought a Japanese omelette pan. I had no idea how to use it so I used it like a regular omelette pan. The results were not good. I fell back to my traditional omelette pan and forgot about the "square experiment."

Silly me.

Recently, a friend of mine showed me how to use a Japanese omelette pan to make tamagoyaki, a Japanese omelette.

"It's done like this," he said.

"Ah, so!" I said.

Now our weekend breakfasts have jumped a level. Last weekend we had tamagoyaki with sautéed talapia filets and this weekend we had experimental mushroom and cheese tamagoyaki with miso soup, rice and bacon. (On the theory that everything goes better with bacon!)

Here's the blueprint:

For the tamagoyaki.

several eggs (I used 5 for two people)
oil (I used seasoned Wok oil)

For the miso soup.

small bowls
miso paste
dried seaweed
firm tofu chopped
hot water

The key to tamagoyaki is oiling and rolling. The pan should be only lightly oiled using a paper towel dampened in oil. That's all you need. Use only a little egg and rely upon successive layers to build up the omelette.

Like this.

Step one, pour a little of the beaten eggs into a very lightly greased pan.

Step two, after the eggs have started to set, remove from heat and gently roll up eggs as shown.

Step 3 push the egg roll to the other end of the pan and regrease it lightly using the soaked paper towel.

Step 4 and beyond. Add more egg, Roll and push and regrease. Repeat 3-4 layers.

When you are done, dump the omelette on a plate to cool slightly and cut into chopstick bites.

The result.

Here's a Japanese YouTube that shows the process although I didn't do all the flipping stuff, I simply rolled it up using chopsticks!

At least you see here how it's done.

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