Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day - Sort of

(Editorial note: The previous post about Sin Zin was number 666. Oh, yeah, the Devil made me do it!)

Now, Valentine's Day.

I have a checkered past about Valentine's Day. OK, to be truthful a "checkered" past would be about even-steven good days and bad days, like a checker board. About 50-50. On even years, for example, I would have pulled out all the stops: dinner, dancing, cards, flowers, limos, livestock and the whole nine yards.

Odd years would be nothing. Nada. Zip. Not even a Hallmark "Roses are red, violets are blue ..." No, that would be Zilch.

But, in actuality I'm like mostly a black checker board with a few white spaces. Mostly zilch and little zap.


So, for this year I decided to think ahead and managed flowers, an old cat and vegetable soup with dumplings!

Get it? Dumplings?

Anyway, here's the blueprint:

Flowers from 1-800-Flowers

Cat from the Animal Shelter, circa 2007.

Vegetable soup prepared from fresh vegetables simmered in vegetable stock with a bay leaf.

Dumplings from Bisquick with a cup of milk.

Check out the pics below. I think this is my lucky night!


Pam said...

A lovely combination

Barnaby Dorfman said...

Bisquick dumplings are such a guilty pleasure!

Former Novice Alaskan said...

Kink appears to be an excellent sous chef.