Saturday, June 01, 2013


Avocados are great this year.  Unblemished, sweet and soft, they are perfect for just eating or turning into my favorite dip of all time, guacamole!

Mostly I've had good guacamole but I do remember the Bad Guacamoles, too, and I can characterize them easily:  too much stuff.

Bad guacamole simply has too much stuff in it:  onions, bacon, cheese, hamburger and other junk.

Just.  Say.  No.

Guacamole is best simple.  Mashed avocado with a few spices, perhaps a little chopped tomato, cilantro and plain yogurt or sour cream if the avocado is too dry.  Salt, of course, and maybe a dash of chili powder.  But that's it!  Don't try to be a guaca-hero!

Here's my guaco today.  Avocado, plain yogurt, a chopped slice of tomato, garlic powder, dash of cumin powder and salt.  Done and done.  Served chilled with chips and bask in the glory of appreciation.

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