Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Space Station Watch

Some time ago I signed up to Spot the International Space Station at

Spot The Station dot Gov

They send me an email update 12 hours or so before the Space Station is due to pass over my location and I can go outside on clear nights and watch it go over.

It's always on time.

It's always on time.

I repeated that line because it's always on time.

If the link says the ISS will pass overhead at 9:16 PM, it will appear near the horizon at that time and transit across the sky smoothly, silently and brightly.

The ISS is unmistakable.  It doesn't blink like an airplane, it moves in a steady arc and it's ALWAYS ON TIME!!

Tonight we had clear skies over Houston and the ISS appeared at the appointed time, brighter than any other object in the sky and cruised to the east on its own schedule.

It's a great hobby to spot the ISS and Spot the Station makes it easy and fun.  Go out there and watch it go over and think about the astronauts who are up there orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes!

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