Friday, March 25, 2005

Bobby Flay

OK, I'll give some credit to Bobby Flay. In general, I'm not keen on Bobby. I think he's over-rated. But on ribs I'll give the Flaymeister his due.

KC Masterpiece. Pick a sauce and use it.

I've tried many, many recipes and I've created a few of my own: dry rubs, cooked stuff, mixed stuff and combinations of all three. Results have varied.

Then, I watched a show where Master Chef Bobby Flay extolled the virtues of a bottled concoction. Could it be true? All this work for nothing, that is, nothing spectacular?

My conclusion is, yes, the bottled stuff helps you create a memorable meal with no muss and no fuss. Yeah, I'll add a few things of my own just for style, but KC Masterpiece Spicy does the job.

Tonight there was much gnashing of teeth and yummy noises. Music to a gourmet's ears.

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Anonymous said...

Being a KC girl myself, and finding your blog terribly enjoyable, I'd like to share a bit of KC barbecue advice with you:

We bypass the KC Masterpiece. We leave it to the tourists, the Bobby Flays, and the national marketing guys who've made KC Masterpiece such a brand name. We smile and shoo them on their way so that, while they're not looking, we can make our own way to Arthur Bryant's barbecue.

It's not available at most stores, but you can now order it online. It's worth it.