Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Late home from work today. All the leftovers have been covered with cheese, baked, covered in salsa and devoured.


Dunno, eatit.


That's pretty much the mealtime conversation this week. That's pretty much the mealtime conversation every day, every week. Somewhere, I think it was Dear Abby, I read that dinnertime was an opportunity for a family to discuss events of the day. Bonding, and all that.

So, Christopher, my stalwart son, what's your take on Congressman DeLay's position on the separation of church and state?

Well, esteemed Father, the Congressman seems to embrace a literal interpretation of the Constitution, but he swims against the current of history which has favored, nay, embraced a more liberal interpretation of the concepts of our Founding Fathers.

Nope. That's a fantasy. Here's reality.

So, Christopher, my stalwart son, what's your take on Congressman DeLay's position on the separation of church and state?


Yeah, I'm comfortable with that.

Back to spag. Spag is our shorthand for Spaghetti Bolognaise, a tomato sauce with meat served on spaghetti. In the Dark Ages we called it Spag Bol, but after many years we realized that we never made any other kind of spaghetti sauce, so we shortened to Spag.

Spag, it is.

Here's the blueprint:

2 rashers bacon, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 lb hamburger
1 box strained tomatoes (can of chopped tomatoes will work)
double handful mushrooms, sliced
red wine
Worcestershire Sauce
small can tomato paste
red wine
oregano, marjorum, thyme and a touch of nutmeg.
stock cube (Knorr beef, Bisto or your favorite)

In a big pot add tomatoes (can or box), herbs, some water, cup of red wine, Tabasco, W. Sauce, etc. OK, put everything into the big pot except the bacon, onion and hamburger which you are going to cook.
Fry the bacon, toss in the onion and saute until limp. Toss in big pot.
Brown the hamburger. Toss in big pot.
Simmer for a couple of hours.
Drink a couple of cups of red wine while waiting.

That's it. You can thicken the sauce with some cornstarch mixed with a little water, then blended in over a medium heat so the sauce is bubbling.

The basic spag. It's a standard dish at our house. We always have, more or less, the ingredients and it can be tossed together quickly.

Spag can be augmented with a whole range of ingredients: smoked sausage, bell pepper, dried onions, chicken, different hot sauces and mushroom varieties.


Anonymous said...

Dad. I can't believe that you messed up the spices for spag!! we do not put sage in it. we put oregano, marjorum, thyme, and a dash of nutmeg. jeezzzz.

-kansas daughter

Andrew Purvis said...

I want to know what he thinks of Social Security reform. Mind you, 401(k) programs and a good Roth IRA will keep him far from destitution, but it seems that a good evening-meal pre-hash of such a meaty subject (hey, this place is about food, so I can say "meaty") would keep the spag in good company.

That's what you get for mentioning politics and religion with dinner conversation!

Oh, and now I have to review fam pix from December in an attempt to decipher which is in Kansas. Sheesh!