Saturday, March 05, 2005


We have cats. Two cats. Nobbs and Sandy. Depending on the situation one is the Good Cat and one is the Bad Cat.

Consider this morning. Sandy, who racks up more Good Cat points than Nobbs was yowling at the bedroom window at 6am on a Saturday morning. That action alone transfers Sandy from Good to Bad cat category. I guess from Good to Bad Category. More succinct. In any case, Sandy is a Bad Cat for waking us up at 6am just because he's too lazy to murder a dove for breakfast. Go figure. I hauled my carcass out of bed, staggered to the back door and let the ungrateful wretch in. I then staggered back to bed and collapsed mumbling something incoherent. Cat. In. Sandy. Mistake.

Sandy came in and rattled around the house looking for someone to play. Of course, he got no takers. Quite the opposite. Most were ready to throw his furry butt out the door if only we could be motivated enough to get out of bed. At last, Sandy decided to occupy himself elsewhere and we slipped back to the Land of Nod.

Skreek! Skreek! Skreek!

That's Nobbs pawing at the window at 6:20. I think there's a Cat Union. Sandy clocks out and tells the boys he's going home to get the folks up. Nobbs says he's got some overtime to do and will be in about a half hour from now. Sandy saunters off to start the festivities.

Meanwhile, Nobbs has a coffee break, punches the time clock and heads off. He wets his paws in the pool then wanders over to the bedroom window and Skreeks on the glass like a new professor on a chalkboard. Skreek! Skreek! Skreek! Yeah, Nobbs, I get the message, I'm coming! Again, haul carcass, stagger, open door, stagger, plop carcass.

Bonus point is that Nobbs got Sandy's attention so he was ready to go out when Nobbs came in. Sandy exits the house, thank you very much, and we won't hear from him for a few hours.

Nobbs is the good cat because he comes in, has a quick snack, hustles himself to bed and sacks out for 10 hours. No muss. No fuss. He did just that.

Between weird dreams of being in a jungle chased by panthers I heard someone say, "Are the cats out?"

"Sort of."

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