Friday, March 25, 2005

Buffalo Hunt

The other day I was late out of work. Nomally, I get out of there between 5 and 5:30. But, that fateful night I was late and it was nearly 7. I thought the ride home would be free of traffic and easy. Ah, how wrong I was!

As I cruised off I-10 onto the Beltway a pair of headlights burst into my rearview mirror.

OK, a truck. No big deal.

The lights got closer and closer until they were lighting up the whole car. Geeze Louize, close enough buddy?

I changed lanes to the left in anticipation of the toll booth a couple of miles up the road.

More lights.


Looking around, I was surrounded by enormous UPS trucks. Brown. Lights. Heading to the barn.

It dawned on me that the UPS depot was located down the road a few miles ahead. All these trucks were "heading to the barn." and I was in the way.,

Soon I was surrounded by Brown Trucks. Brown to the left. Brown to the right. Brown in front and Brown in the back.


As we motored on down the Beltway were I was eventually able to exit, I thought that next time, yeah, next time I'll bring a bow and arrow. Yeah, next time we'll hunt the buffalo and won't that be a surprise!

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