Saturday, February 26, 2005

Shufflin' Along

The first Walkman I bought was huge. I needed a belt to wear it and I think it ran on "D" cell batteries. What a monster. After years of skips and trips I decided that a portable cassette player wasn't something that would work for me. I bought a Walkman Radio as a replacement and have used that for many years.

The Walkman Radio is great for jogging because it doesn't slip, you have 10 channels of AM/FM to select and it runs on AAA's which makes it light to carry. The only drawback to the radio are commercials. Radio stations seem to gang up and all do their commercials at the same time. There you are jogging along enjoying the music, the weather, ignoring your aching feet and suddenly you enter a patch of commercials that lasts a mile. Bummer.

Today I experienced the ultimate in jogging audio pleasure, all of the advantages of the surprise of radio and none of the drawbacks: iPod Shuffle.

I'm hooked. The iPod Shuffle is about the size of a pack of gum but weighs less. I have the El Cheap-0 version that "only" holds 200 songs but it was plenty for me as I hobbled around the 10k race course this morning. Furthermore, I created my own Race Playlist and stocked it with Green Day, Metallica and the Police. I was grooving to the scene, man.

The iPod Shuffle has a lanyard attachment that's perfect for jogging. I slipped it around my neck and under my running shirt with the ear buds snaking out of the top of my shirt. I didn't feel it there the entire run. What I did feel was the beat of the music encouraging me to hang in there, in the rain and the cold, to finish the race.

It's so cool I think I'm going to wear it all the time.


Anonymous said...


This is Bob. I thought I would see what's happening in that mind of yours. I think I would have picked the Rocky sound track for my 10k. I don't think there was ever a better song than "Eye of the Tiger." to get the old blood pumping and the manly thing happening. I use to work out the on heavy bag and the speed bag to that sound track Ah, the memories. The smell of the gym in the heat of a southern Illinois summer afternoon . . ah . . . youth.

The problem with ipod for me is it's one more level of technology between me and understanding. The tech guy here told me to get an airport card for my ibook because he's tired of getting my work computer out of jams. Airport . . .what the hell?

I envy someone around my age who has been able to make the transition from manual typewriter to computer. Remember the punch cards. I remember being in a programing class in college and having to carry my box of punch cards over to the main frame and then having to wait several hours for the program to run only to find out that my mistake was in the second line. I HATED programing class. I think that (and money) kept me from evolving lock step with the development of the lap top.

I use to compose my essays on a legal pad - skipping every other line so I could make a correction. I would then type it on the computer. I never thought I would be able to compose on the screen. But hey, it didn't take long to to evolve - kind of like the Cambrian Explosion.

Well, just some thoughts. I'm glad you found the ipod. My only question is what took you so long. The kids at my school have had their ears plugged into the for at least a year.

Take care

Andrew Purvis said...

Bill, you're it.