Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Blog Imitates Life

A strange thing happened tonight. Life imitated art, or the other way around.

Here's the blueprint.

Normally a haircut is a sedate affair. Sit there and have your hair cut. Simple.

But tonight we entered the Twilight Zone.

So, Bill, what's new.

Well, my microwave is new.

Oh, tell me about your new microwave.

And I did. I repeated the blogs of the past few days about the psychowave and the Quest for Replacement and the Salesman and the installation and, finally, Nirvanawave.

By the time I was finished the entire shop was silent. Everybody having their hair cut, and everybody cutting hair had been in rapt attention about my story.

Could it be that the transition from blogger to world famous stand-up commedian is not that big?

Hmmmm, I wonder....

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