Monday, February 14, 2005

Cold Chicken Enchiladas

To be a great chef you need great excuses. Set those expectations!

Tonight it went something like this:

The enchiladas are a disaster. We didn't have any chicken stock. I used the left over chicken instead of boiling it. The enchiladas will be dry like the Sahara during a drought. Had the wrong kind of sauce. Used pizza cheese. The tortillas smelled funny. Also, they were dry like the Gobi Desert in August. I baked them too long, and they're really, really dry, but that was two hours ago.

Now they're cold. And dry.

Cold I can fix. So I spooned in some salsa, tossed the bowl into our New Microwave, pressed the Repair Dinner button.



Wow, these enchiladas are great! You must give me your recipe.

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